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Young's BBQ Reviews back to restaurant


"I go to Young's BBQ when I'm in search in a cheap meal that will hold me over for a while. The best thing about it is you can be munching on Bimbimbop(a Korean meat and veggie dish) while your friend enjoys a burger and fries. I suppose that's the beauty of a grill and deep fryer - endless scrumptious possibilities. Young's food is very tasty and the portions are healthy. It's a great alternative to a quick meal, and there's a good chance you'll take a little styrofoam box home with you."
Brian Waldman

"Korean comfort food at it's best! Heaps of rice and loads of meat for a great price. I want to go back and try the short ribs."
Kevin S. Wong

"This is one amazing place! I love the bibimbap!!! This dish is a traditional Korean meal with a variety of vegetables, marinated beef, and a fried egg over rice. It comes in this huge bowl and after eating it, you are definitely full! If you order the bibimpap, make sure you mix it all up with the rice before eating it - and add some of the red spicy sauce that they will give you (not too much if you can't handle the heat!). I have also had their kalbi (marinated ribs) over rice, which is good too. The cheeseburger and french fries there are much better than other fast food hamburgers."
Kentaro Iwasaki