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Our team ventured out into the Mission District looking for the best cheap eats we could find. So if you're really hungry and open to just about anything affordable and delicious, we'd like to suggest a few of our very own favorite picks from these restaurants! Enjoy!

Italian Sausage Calzone - 4.20 Dejà Vu
Large slices of Italian sausage wrapped between two hot melting cheeses, ricotta and mozarella. - G.E.

Shawerma - 6.25 Truly Mediterranean
The Shawerma makes your mouth water just by its appearance. Filled with marinated beef and lamb along with the roasted tomatoes and hot sauce...mmm. Makes me wanna go get one now. - Y.K.

Pork / 5 Spice Chicken - 4.50 My Ky
This dish contained both pork and chicken served with carrots and lettuce. The pork was barbequed flavored and the chicken was also very flavorful. It will keep you goin' back for more! Give it a try! - J.T.

Beef Short Ribs (Kalbi) - 5.95 Young's BBQ
This dish has four short ribs with teriyaki sauce over steamed white rice. The side order has salad with a light homemade 1000 island dressing and kimchee (hot pickled cabbage).The ribs are medium rare, cooked just right. - R.K.

Chocolate Ice Cream - 1.95 Bombay Ice Creamery
The rich chocolate ice cream will give chocolate lovers another thing to dream about. Its dense and smooth texture reminded us of the Italian favorite Gelato. It is a nice cool treat for any day of the week. -G.L.

Salvadorian Enchiladas - 4.25 Panchita's #2
This dish was a waffle kind of bread, which was fried and topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, and diced pieces of steak. - C.K.

Achar Gosht - 5.99 Pakwan
The Achar Gosht, or lamb curry, is so tender it falls apart as you eat it. It is covered with a spicy and rich curry sauce that goes great with Nan or basmati rice. - V.E.

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