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"What's the story behind this site?", you may be asking. Well look no further (just a little further, actually). Read below for the story behind Mission Eats, as well as the creative minds that developed its Web site.

This site began as a conversation on the way to work at Dayspring Technologies, Inc. The question became how to find cheap places to have dinner for two in the neighborhood on a Friday night for approximately $10. It seemed like there were many Web sites that cataloged the pricier restaurants that San Francisco is well-known for, but very few that could provide reviews and (most importantly) menus for the cheap restaurants that you generally hear about by word of mouth. Our hope with this site is to gradually extend its reach to cover all of the great, cheap places to eat in SF's Mission District as well as beyond.

This concept was put in motion with the Spring 2000 Youth Externship Program of Grace Urban Ministries, Inc. Over the course of sixteen weeks, the youth externs were trained in Web design and production skills and produced the Mission Eats Site. The site was recently expanded through the summer job training program of Grace Urban Ministries, PrYSM (Preparing Youth to Serve in the Marketplace). PrYSM interns were trained in Web production and tested and reviewed additional restaurants, extending the site to include a total of ten eateries.

Production Staff - Spring 2000

Imagine that: all three of us drinking at the same time.
(From L to R: Giovanni, Jeffrey, Jonathan.)

PrYSM Interns - Summer 2001

On our way to full stomachs.
(From L to R: Rowena, Gail, Chris, Cirilo, Victor.)


The Youth Externship Program (YEP) is a job training course run by Grace Urban Ministries. YEP provides youth with an ongoing, part-time job training opportunity during the school year. Youth are taught general marketplace skills as well as training particular to their job placements. YEP also helps participants understand vocation as not simply making money or achieving career goals, but instead as a gift from God and calling to serve others in the larger society.

Preparing Youth for Service in the Marketplace (PrYSM) is a summer program for high school students designed and run by Grace Urban Ministries. The 6 week program includes [1] training sessions in basic office skills, software applications, and workplace etiquette, [2] field visits to expose participants to a variety of careers and professions, and [3] "externships" that place individuals in actual work settings to gain hands-on experience.

Dayspring Technologies is a consulting firm based in San Francisco, California. Dayspring specializes in Web design, graphic design,
e-commerce, and e-business development. In partnership with Grace Urban Ministries, Dayspring provides internships in Web design for youth.

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