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"I had the sausage and mushroom pizza. It was a large piece of pizza and it was zesty and hot with a nice crust. I would give it four stars."
Douglas Lee

"My husband Jon & I love the pepperoni pizza at Deja Vu. Cheap, good, and very filling! Can't beat $2.50 for a huge slice of pizza. I recommend ordering pizza by the slice, not by the pie. The service is great, people are very friendly."
Joan Appleby

"I think this pizza joint is my favorite place for a quick slice of pizza (actually, you'll have to wait about five minutes while they make up your slice of pizza--but it is well worth the wait!! Or, if you can't wait, call in an order ahead of time and it will be waiting for you nice and pipin' hot!). The slices are INCREDIBLY BIG! At first, you'll think they are giving you two slices because it's so big. The crust is yummy--nice and crisp and delightful! The toppings are abundant. They have an excellent pesto special pizza which I highly recommend! The lunch deal at De Ja Vu is cool, too--nice salad, slice of pizza, and can of soda for a real reasonable price."
Kentaro Iwasaki


"One time, after church, my son Stevie started to walk past Deja Vu. Just before he passed the front door, the wafting fragrance of pizza dough rising and fresh tomato sauce overwhelmed him. So he asked us to get a cheese pizza. Boy did he devour it! If my son eats it, that's a better endorsement than any professional restaurant critic in my opinion."
Danny Jong

"The Pesto Delight and the Valencia pizza slices are my favorites. It is so rare for such great pizza to be so cheap! The ingredients are fresh, the slices are huge, and the crust is wonderfully crisp and favorful. But I would recommend eating in (delivery steals flavor out of any pizza)."
J. Chien


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