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Mission Grounds Reviews back to restaurant

"Mission Grounds is a great place to go for delicate-but-rich crepes, hearty omelettes, and large salads. This cozy neighborhood cafe serves heaps of food at reasonable prices."

"The bacon omelette (on the specials menu) was delicious! There was just the right amount of bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream, and onion (or was it avocado?...I don't remember anymore). Whatever it was, it was goooooood! The home fries/potatoes there rock! The meal is very hearty. We had to wait there for a few minutes while they cooked up the food, but we knew it was fresh! My girlfriend had the salsa crepe - it was good, but we both agreed the bacon omelette was the better choice. The prices are good. The bathroom needed a cleaning job, but we can't expect too much, I suppose..."
Kentaro Iwasaki